Recently published

Gregg, P., Jerrim, J., Macmillan, L., & Shure, N. (2018). Children in jobless households across Europe: Evidence on the association with medium- and long-term outcomes. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice.

Jerrim, J., Lopez-Agudo, L. A., Marcenaro-Gutierrez, O.D., & Shure, N. (2017). What Happens When Econometrics and Psychometrics Collide? An Example Using PISA Data. Economics of Education Review, 61, 51-58.

Parker, P. D., Marsh, H. W., Guo, J., Anders, J., Shure, N. & Dicke, T. (2017). An Information Distortion Model of Social Class Differences in Math Self-concept, Intrinsic Value and Utility Value. Journal of Educational Psychology.


Work in-progress

Henderson, M., Hansen, K., & Shure, N. (2017). Does academic self-concept predict further and higher education participation? Centre for Global Higher Education Working Paper. [under review].

“Shure, N. (2016). School hours and maternal labour supply: A natural experiment from Germany. Department of Quantitative Social Science Working Paper, 16-13.” [under review]